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Get acquainted with your Hippie Camper ride


Choose a Campervan to Hire in New Zealand


Hippie Campervans are well set up for the budget traveller - they have all the essentials including an air-conditioned driver’s cabin, a built-in refrigerator and a double bed. Perfect for making road trip memories! Get ready to hit the road from Christchurch, Auckland or Queenstown in one of our two campervans. Learn more about the Endeavour Camper and the Hitop Camper below. If you need some more assistance in choosing a vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly reservations team who’ll get you ready for the road.

Hippie Hitop Camper

Hippie Hitop Campervan

You and your road trip buddy will be happy campers in the Hippie Hitop. It features a comfortable and functional interior, dining and sitting areas, plenty of storage and all living equipment, bedding and linen. This is one of our most popular campervans for those planning a rockin’ road trip on a budget.


Hippie Endeavour Camper

Hippie Endeavour Campervan

The Hippie Endeavour is an affordable home on wheels for your New Zealand road trip. Containing a fridge/freezer, microwave, stove and a kitchen sink, you’ll be all set to store your snacks and cook up a feast on the road. Allow the Endeavour Campervan to take you on your next rockin’ road trip.


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